Focus more on Planning and leave execution to us

Our SaaS platform is the largest online marketplace of multiple media types with verified details of geo location, type, pictures, videos, transparent pricing, availability, other information and in-built demographic AI tool for better planning and booking. This allows you to focus more on planning and stop worrying about the execution.

Use our Patent awaited Demographic AI tool to reach your Target Customers

The tool helps you zeroing geographical areas based on demographic profile of target segment of customers, traffic data and helps identifying inventory that meets your campaign objective.

Launch and Monitor National Campaign
on the Go

Our SaaS allows you to launch campaign big or small, through your browser on the go from across the world. No need to glue to your office desk to receive e-mail proposals, spreadsheets and coordinate with multiple operators or agencies to run your campaign successfully.

Advance booking to block preferred media at best price

No need to wait for months to book the preferred media just before the campaign starts, helping you to save cost through advance booking. The prices are transparent and best being pre-negotiated. Buy with confidence the best options available with choice

Monitor on the Go

Use our patient awaited PYM eye mobile app to keep eye on your campaign. Monitor progress with regular updates. Stop worrying about the site status. Focus on campaign success.

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