PYM Audience Measurement System uses extensive data collection, research and Technology to arrive at Eyes on Impressions generated by each individual inventory verified and listed on PYM website. The complex algorithm take into account Speed Data, Road characteristics, Traffic Circulation, Demographics data, Geo position of OOH unit including minute parameters like size of billboard, angle, setback distance, height, illumination, clutter, obstruction, format type etc and Visibility Research data to arrive at VAI (Visibility Adjustment Index) of each unit. Thus it helps PYM to arrive at VAI of each listed unit on PYM website.



VAI or Visibility Adjustment Index converts weekly circulation into out of home audiences. The index is based on eye-tracking research and visibility research to form the statistical basis of VAI model. This model takes various factors into account to arrive at the VAI of each inventory including factors like format type, size, position on the road, face angle, type of road, setback distance, etc